Intelligent plant planning with AutoCAD PLANT 3D

The CAD tool AutoCAD PLANT 3D, which has been specially developed for the needs of piping and plant construction, allows us to plan projects holistically. Based on an intelligent
P&ID flow diagram, we design a 3D model encompassing all assemblies and components. Point clouds from 3D laser scans can be easily integrated into the model so all the interference contours and files are taken into account in the planning phase. 3D-based CAD plant planning allows BB.Engineering to plan cost-optimised and energy-efficient plants that are easy to operate and maintain. See for yourself.

Clash detection and construction schedule

We are able to integrate CAD data from various software solutions into a 3D model and work actively with this fully integrated model. Among other things, our state-of-the-art software enables us to check collisions and proactively prevent costly construction obstacles and schedule delays. Furthermore, we simulate the construction schedule together with our customers. That is how we reduce costs and optimise your schedule. BB.Engineering guarantees efficiency.

Our services for intelligent plant planning

Intelligent P&I flowcharts
Site and layout plans
Piping plans
Piping isometrics
Support and steel structure drawings
Production and design drawings
Collision tests
Construction schedule