Expert in pipe system calculations

Our piping design is as individual and fits as well as your plant. Using state-of-the-art CAE software, we can perform a wide variety of calculations. BB.Engineering is an expert in static pipe system calculations, pressure and heat loss calculations, as well as internal pressure, flange and nozzle verifications.


For the best possible static calculations, we work with the best software solution available on the market: the leading CAE system ROHR2 for the static and dynamic structural analysis of complex piping systems and general frameworks.

ROHR2 for the:
  • Analysis of various load cases
  • Consideration of the connection forces to components
  • Consideration of natural frequencies (vibration analysis)
  • Consideration of external forces (pressure surges, subsidence, etc.)
  • Design of compensators and spring holders
The stress verifications for piping systems can be made according to a variety of guidelines, such as ASME, DIN / EN, AGFW, FDBR or KTA. You will receive verifiable analyses that correspond to your requirements.
rohr2 ref

Finite element calculation

For very demanding structural questions regarding stiffness and stress concentration in weak spots of pipelines and tanks, BB.Engineering can provide finite element calculations to assist you. We find a solution to your challenges.

Pressure and heat loss calculations

We use the modern software solution to perform exact calculations for the simulation of quantity distributions as well as pressure and temperature losses in branched and meshed piping networks for compressible and incompressible media.
Possible applications:

  • Dimensioning verification in the case of a network extension
  • Serviceability verification of existing networks
  • Simulation of different operating states or incidents in meshed networks
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