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If you are satisfied, so are we!

What does professional project management mean at BB Engineering? We track your projects continuously from the first planning steps to completion of the entire construction project. Our highly qualified engineers assume responsibility for the project management and direction in close co-operation with the customer. And we are only satisfied when you are.
Our project management services start with the project launch including stakeholder analysis, definition of goals, organisation and creation of a project management manual. On request, we will also support you with project financing as well as with communications and project marketing. Detailed project completion documentation is standard for BB.Engineering – always with the aim of learning from the project and getting better.

Reduce costs, maximise quality!

With our experience of numerous completed projects in plant and piping construction, we know that cost control declines as the project progresses. That is why we define clear project goals and realistic deadlines and budgets with you at an early stage. We use a regular monitoring of status and progress calculation to retain overview and control. That is why we work together on a daily basis to stick to the schedule, save costs, minimise risks and ensure a high quality.


Our Project management Services:

Project Scope Management
Project management / control
Time, budget and capacity planning
Status and progress reporting
Communications & project marketing
Strategic management support
Assistance with project financing
Project completion / lessons learned