Precise calculations

Our plant and piping construction engineering services are based on a variety of calculations – from the calculation of pressure and heat losses over stress and flange analyses with the CAE system ROHR2 to finite element analysis, static calculations for steel structures and foundations.

Component verifications for every application

In addition to the static structural analysis of piping systems and steel structures, BB.Engineering also provides component design verifications. We draw up internal pressure as well as flange and fitting verifications for individual outlets and complete tanks for you, taking into account external loads. These calculations can be performed according to the applicable DIN, EN or ASME standards, as well as the usual regulations (AD2000).


We calculate your pipe classes

Clearly defined pipe classes are essential for efficiently planning and procuring piping and fittings. A pipe class defines all piping components depending on the medium, pressure and temperature. This ensures that the components can withstand the required loads. On customer request, BB.Engineering creates complete pipe classes or examines existing pipe classes (e.g. validity with regard to standards and materials) and tracks you up to the final acceptance.

Our calculation expertise:

Pressure and heat loss calculations
Static pipe system calculations
Flange verification, including external forces
Internal pressure verification
Steel structure and foundation statics
Creation of pipe classes
Structural component verifications
AD-2000, ASME and DIN / EN regulations